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Drive GaugeAfter obtaining Sora's new costume from Yen Sid's Tower in Twilight Town you will notice some new things about Sora, for example the Drive Gauge. It appears just above Sora's HP and can fill up a bar three times before getting a 'MAX' icon over it. When you see this MAX icon it allows you to select the Drive command (or press Triangle if you have an Auto Form Ability equipped such as Auto Valor).
Each Drive Form has it's own unique traits which will help you out of those sticky situations and pull off outstanding, gravity-defying combos! Below is a list of the five available Drive Forms.

Standard Form
Standard Form is Sora's default form, it has no special abilities and you can only wield one Keyblade of your choice, likewise for abilities. Sora's new costume is obtained from visiting Yen Sid's Tower after finishing the Roxas scenario in Twilight Town (First Visit), the costume is black and boasts some yellows and reds.

Valor Form
Valor FormOnce you've got Standard Form you also get Valor Form along side it, Valor Form is a much more powerful form based on strength. When in this form you merge with Goofy, thus increasing your strength, speed and amount of attacks per combo. On a downside however Goofy is no longer in your party whilst in Valor Form and you cannot use Magic based attacks such as Cure (which can be a pain). Valor Form is prodominately red.
Wisdom Form
Wisdom FormWisdom Form is unlocked upon completing the Disney Castle/Timeless River scenarios, Wisdom Form is based on Magic over power. This form may appear weaker but it has some major up points, for example you can attack from a distance because the normal 'Attack' command has been replaced with 'Shoot', which fires Magical bullets hurling towards you foes. Magic attacks also increase in power and can be stringed together to unleash deadly magic combos, but on the downside of this whilst in Wisdom Form you can't pyshically attack and you lose Donald as a party member. Wisdom Form is prodominately blue, and instead of holding the Keyblade in front of him Sora wields a single Keyblade behind his back. Instead of running you hover across the floor, which is pretty cool.
Master Form
Master FormMaster Form is obtained upon reuniting with King Mickey at Hollow Bastion (Fourth Visit), like with Valor Form in Master Form you can dual wield Keyblades, but this time Sora only holds one because the other one is held in the air using magic. This form is pretty much a combination of both Valor and Wisdom Forms, your strength and magic increase and you gain the ability unleash a crazy finishing arial combo called Master Strike. Whilst in this form you have MP Hastega, meaning your MP recovers much quicker than usual, but unfortunately both Donald and Goofy need to be sacrificed to sustain Master Form and your Drive Gauge goes down at a rapid rate. The Master Form costume is prodominately gold.
Anti Form
Anti Form is gained at the same time as you get Sora's new costume and Valor Form. Unlike other forms Anti Form cannot be chosen from the Drive menu, instead Anti Form randomly occurs from the over use of other Drive Forms. Anti Form makes Sora turn black and become shrouded in darkness like a Heartless, Sora can't use the Keyblade but becomes incredibly fast and can unleash massive combos. The major downside is that in Anti Form you attacks become insanely weak, doing bearly any damage, also the Drive Gauge goes down very slowly which can be quite tedious. Whilst in Anti Form you cannot chose to Revert back to Standard Form, instead you must wait for the Drive Gauge to deplete.

Final Form
Final FormFinal Form can only be obtained after the scene when an Organization XIII member attacks Sora in The World That Never Was (Memories Skyscraper), after this scene Final Form will randomly occur much like Anti Form. However, the quickest way to get Final Form is to go to Olympus Coliseum and participate in the Cerberus Cup, use your drive forms in order, Valor, Wisdom the Master and if Final Form doesn't occur Pause then Retry and Sora's drive bar will be replenished.
Once you have obtained Final Form once it will appear on your list as a selectable form like Valor Form is.
Final Form is Sora's most powerful form, it's the ultimately combination of both physical and magical attacks - however it does have one downside, whilst in Final Form the drive Gauge decreases at a rapid rate, much faster than even Master Form's does. Whilst in Final Form Sora has the ability to dual wield the Keyblades like in Master Form and also to Glide by pressing the Square button.