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Torn PagesDuring your second visit to Hollow Bastion Merlin will have dug out his old book, that same magic book that took you to the 100 Acre Wood in Kingdom Hearts. Upon entering the book and viewing the first cutscene Sora is thrown out and 5 pages are stolen by the Heartless and spread across the worlds. The pages can be found in the following location:
Page # Location
1 The page can be found upon arriving at Disney Castle for the first time, it is found in a chest in the Library.
2 Upon reuniting with Simba for the first time the second Torn Page can be located to the rear of the Oasis in the Pride Lands.
3 Just before the fight with the 1000 Heartless this page can be found, in the Crystal Fissure at Hollow Bastion.
4 In the Emperor's Throne Room in the Land of Dragon's world. It can only be obtained after the fight with the Cloaked Man in the mountains (Second Visit).
5 During your second visit to Agrabah, when you do the flying carpet challenge as soon as you enter the tower the chest is just to your right.